Healow Frequently Asked Questions

On what devices can the Healow app be used?

The Healow app can be downloaded to any device that has an Android operating system or iOS. This app is not currently available for Windows phones.

What is the practice code for Christie Clinic?


What is the PIN and how is it used?

The PIN is a four-digit number you input every time you open the app. It is a security measure.

Can I link family members to my account in the Healow app?

Yes. You will have to ask your family members for their MyCare Patient Portal login and password. (Please refer to the Adding a Family Member here.)

Why am I unable to book an appointment for ANY provider?

We are currently adding new providers each month. However, you can request an appointment for any provider through the MyCare Patient Portal.

How can I remove medications I am currently not using?

In the Medication screen, click “Stop Taking” and the medication will be added to your “I am NOT Taking” list.

Why can’t I check in for my appointment on the Healow app?

Unfortunately, we are not setup with QR readers for appointment check-in at this time.

How can I link a fitness device to the Healow app?

Tap the Trackers icon and then tap the Healow Cart. Select the tracking device that you own and tap Setup. You will then use your login and password for your device to finish setting it up to sync with the Healow app.

Can I send a message to my healthcare provider via the Healow app?

Yes. When you click on Messages, there is a symbol for writing a letter. Choose the provider and the department and then create your message.

What should I do if I cannot see information in my chart or something is incorrect?

Please contact Customer Service at 217-366-2610.