People's Choice Nominations


The annual News-Gazette’s People Choice Award nominations have been announced. Christie Clinic has received nominations in several categories competing for the community’s top choice.

Voting is open from June 8th to July 9th

Please click here to vote:


  • Fitness/Spa: Christie Clinic Department of Dermatology
  • Health/Hearing Center: Christie Clinic’s Department of Hearing Aid Services
  • Health/Optometrist: Christie Clinic Department of Ophthalmology
  • Health/Physical Therapy: Christie Clinic Department of Physical Therapy
  • Health/Podiatrist: Christie Clinic Foot & Ankle Surgery
  • Health/Walk-in Clinic: Christie Clinic Convenient Care
  • Health/Weight Loss Center: Christie Clinic Transformations Medical Weight Loss Center
  • Personal Care/Cosmetic Center: Christie Clinic Department of Dermatology
  • Personal Care/Manicure/Pedicure: Christie Clinic Barefoot Medical Spa
  • Professional/Non-Profit: The Christie Foundation
  • Professional/Place to Work: Christie Clinic
  • Recreation/Community Event: Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon