Christie Clinic Expands Department of Convenient Care in Danville

December 22, 2011

Christie Clinic welcomes Sasha Pryer-Gibbons, to the Department of Convenient Care.  As a nurse practitioner in Christie Clinic’s Convenient Care, Sasha provides diagnosis and treatment of non-emergent conditions such as allergies, infections, colds, and more. She has a special interest in preventative medicine and wellness care.

“Christie Clinic is happy to welcome Sasha to our Convenient Care Department,” said Alan Gleghorn, Christie Clinic’s Chief Executive Officer. “We believe adding an additional provider to Convenient Care in Danville will ensure optimal care of patients that visit when the unexpected occurs.”

Sasha received her Bachelor of Science at Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan and received her Master of Science at Indiana State University, in Terra Haute Indiana.

“Patients should feel like I am treating them, not just their illnesses,” said Sasha. “They should feel educated and empowered to better manage their own health after they visit.”

For more information or questions about Convenient Care, call Christie Clinic at 217-366-8130.