Christie Clinic Transformations Launches New Program

November 14, 2014

Christie Clinic’s Transformations Medical Weight Loss Program is launching a new plan -- Transformations28. This weight loss program focuses on 28 days of nutrition education, weight and measurement progress from personal health coaches, and gourmet foods from Ideal Protein®

The Ideal Protein weight loss method has proven, long-lasting results.  The gourmet foods help participants lose weight, maintain muscle, revitalize skin, promote vitality and energy, and re-establish pancreatic function. During Transformations28, participants learn how to keep the pounds off long after completing the program.

Transformations28 is a 4-week commitment and is appropriate for individuals wanting to lose 10-20 pounds, or have a BMI of approximately 25-30. Eligible criteria include no major health conditions and few medication prescriptions. Visit our office at 501 North Dunlap Avenue in Savoy, or call 217.366.7460 to apply for Christie Clinic’s Transformations28.

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