Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon

Participating in any of the Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon events takes initiative, commitment, and perseverance. We thank you for your support and your commitment to the health of the community.

Christie Clinic has provided quality health care to residents of East Central Illinois for 85 years, and we are excited to improve the health of our communities by helping people get active. The excitement the Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon brings to our community each spring helps move people towards increased physical activity.

As the Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon numbers have increased, the health of the community we serve has improved as well. We have witnessed regular exercisers become marathoners and those sedentary in their exercise routines start to walk and jog in order to join in the excitement of the 5K or half-marathon. The 5K race continues to grow, as more people in the community join us for their first time running or walking in a race. Furthermore, the following year, we see those faces join us in other races like the half, or full marathon.

Staying active and fit are important factors in preventing obesity and many diseases. Thank you for joining us in the Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon events and good luck in reaching your personal goals in your race.