Why Everyone Needs a Primary Care Physician

Your Prescription for Good Health

Building a long-term, ongoing relationship with a Primary Care Physician can result in significant health benefits, including:

More accurate diagnoses – A physician who sees you regularly is more likely to notice changes in your health. Better diagnoses are often the result.

Lower costs By seeing your physician on a regular basis, and calling him or her first when you have an urgent concern, you’ll have fewer medical and ER visits.

Staying healthier – Your physician can help you manage any chronic conditions you may have and make personalized recommendations to improve your health.

Trust – A Primary Care Physician sees you regularly and knows your medical history. Over time, it will be easier to discuss private medical concerns.

Referral to specialists – If you need to see a specialist for a condition like diabetes, your physician will be able to refer you to the right person.

What to Look for in a Primary Care Physician

The single most important thing you should look for in a Primary Care Physician is someone who listens to you, makes you feel at ease and who is genuinely interested in your well-being. When you are sick or need immediate medical attention, you want to be comfortable seeing someone you know and trust and, even more importantly, someone who knows you and your medical history. This is a relationship based on trust – it’s okay to be picky.

How to Find a Christie Clinic Primary Care Physician

If you’ve moved into a new area, ask co-workers or neighbors if they have a physician they like. Your insurance company can be helpful in giving you names of Primary Care Physicians who are accepting new patients. If you need suggestions, Christie Clinic’s “Find a Doctor” online resource can help at www.christieclinic.com or call (217) 366-1200.