For years, orthopedic surgeons have cautioned knee replacement patients with the same warning – any implant can fail after years of use, and if that happens, it has to be revised. While that message is still true, the likelihood of a patient’s knee implant failing due to normal wear has been dramatically reduced thanks to VERILAST™ Knee Technology.

Unlike other knee implants, made from cobalt chrome metal and a high-density plastic, VERILAST Technology is made from a proprietary metal alloy called OXINIUM™ Oxidized Zirconium and a highly cross-linked polyethylene. By combining these two low-friction materials, a knee implant with VERILAST Technology can significantly reduce the kind of wear that can cause an implant to wear out before its time.

This is the first knee implant to be lab-tested for 30 years of simulated wear performance, more than double the length of other tests.