Patient Bill of Rights

As a patient, you have the right...

  • To receive optimum health care without prejudice
  • To obtain complete and current information regarding our knowledge of your health status
  • To expect courteous and helpful attention and understanding from Clinic employees
  • To be fully informed of the procedures to be undertaken and of any risks involved, allowing you to make intelligent, informed consent decisions or to refuse medical treatment if you choose
  • To receive prompt treatment in emergency situations, regardless of economic status

As a patient, you have the responsibility...

  • To disclose your medical history throughout your course of treatment
  • To cooperate with Clinic personnel
  • To be honest and direct and to understand the extent of your health problems and treatment
  • To follow medical advice, treatment, and drug instructions or to inform your provider if you have chosen not to follow that advice
  • To give information related to your ability to pay for services rendered and to pay for the services you are provided as arranged
  • To keep scheduled appointments or to cancel them 48 hours in advance