Christie Clinic Has Only Area Surgeon Using TRUMATCH®


Christie Clinic Orthopaedic Surgeon, Dr. Shawn Love, is the only area surgeon using TRUMATCH® Personalized Solutions for knee replacement surgery. TRUMATCH® has personalized instruments designed specifically for the patient’s knee anatomy.

This personalized solution uses a three-dimensional scan of the patient’s leg to create customized surgical guides that are designed to deliver a knee replacement that is patient-specific. The process helps to improve the positioning and alignment of the knee replacement, which is crucial to the overall performance of the implant post surgery.

TRUMATCH® offers benefits in comparison to traditional procedures including:

  • Consistency in placement of the knee implant which can help prevent uneven wear and instability
  • Shortened procedure times
  • Faster recovery and return to normal activities

“The knee replacement is easier because the personalized cutting blocks fit the patient exactly,” states Dr. Love. “It saves about 30 minutes of operative time, allowing me to make very accurate bone cuts with decreased bleeding during the surgery, which leads to quicker functional recovery.”

For more information about Dr. Love and TRUMATCH® Personalized Solutions surgery, please contact the Christie Clinic Department of Orthopaedics at 217.366.1237.