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Christie Clinic’s Internal Medicine physicians provide comprehensive medical care for patients 18 years and older with an emphasis on wellness and preventative care. Internal Medicine providers are extensively trained in the diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of medical conditions that commonly occur from late adolescence through the geriatric years. Our expertise includes the ability to diagnose and treat acute illness as well as helping patients to manage chronic medical conditions such as asthma, diabetes and high blood pressure.

In addition to diagnosing acute and chronic illnesses in patients, we work closely with our patients to help them build healthy lifestyles and life-long health maintenance that may help to delay or prevent debilitating medical conditions in the future. Serving as your primary care provider, the Internal Medicine Department of Christie Clinic is built on the philosophy of treating the whole patient in order to achieve the best possible outcomes.

The Christie Clinic Department of Internal Medicine includes a team of nurses available during regular business hours to provide triage needs, medical answers and test results for patents.

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