Christie Clinic is committed to caring for you and your family through the current COVID-19 pandemic. Our providers are here for you, as we have been for the past 90 years – but right now, healthcare looks a little different.

With telehealth, you can talk directly with your provider through a scheduled virtual checkup or help with minor, non-life-threatening conditions.

Stay connected with your healthcare from the safety of your home. Many Christie Clinic primary care providers and specialists are available to you for online appointments. Schedule an appointment by requesting a virtual visit through the MyChristie patient portal or calling your provider’s office. 

  • No waiting rooms or commute times
  • Appointments during regular business hours
  • Available for new and established patients
  • Covered by most insurance and Medicare


  • Request an appointment in your MyChristie patient portal or call your provider*
  • Schedule your telehealth appointment
  • For a telephone appointment, you will receive a phone call to be connected with your provider
  • For a video appointment, you will receive a text message to your smartphone or an email at your appointment time with a link to connect with your provider
  • Make sure your device has audio and video enabled
  • Once your scheduled for a virtual video visit,  click here to prepare your phone or computer and for guidance on how to have a successful visit

*Departments may refer you to an in-person visit or convenient care. Precautions are being taken for in-patient visits.

Telehealth should not be used in emergency situations, please call 911 if you need immediate attention.

Technical Questions?