At Christie Clinic, every aspect of what we do
focuses on creating value for
our patients, our team members and our community

Our Patients

Christie Clinic is committed to treating all people with respect, empathy and compassion. Each person's experience is every Team Members' responsibility -- creating a warm and inviting environment for every person we serve. We can all learn from each other. When there is a deep respect by, and for, all individuals, an environment is created that allows people to develop and thrive.

The experience we provide sets us apart as the healthcare team of choice. Knowing that experience drives the perception of value, we strive for our patients and team members to feel heard and cared for fully. Through our words, actions, and processes, we will aim to support them, through every step.

Our Team Members

Our team members are our greatest asset, we ensure they are highly trained, engaged, and competent in the roles where they serve. We invest in their development to maximize their personal and professional potential through training, defined competencies, continual coaching, and empowering them to drive improvements. We are dedicated to providing a safe work environment.

Our Community

Our vision is to create a healthy community - not only the physical health and wellness but the mental, social and economical health as well. We are proud to serve our community, including health and wellness events such as our title sponsorship of the annual Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon.

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