Christie Clinic Surgeon Performs In-Office Balloon Sinuplasty


Christie Clinic is now performing in-office Balloon Sinuplasty procedure. Patients who are suffering from chronic sinusitis can find instant relief from their symptoms through Balloon Sinuplasty. Sinusitis refers to inflammation, or swelling, of the tissue lining the sinuses. This can result in a runny nose, cough, sleep disturbance, chronic fatigue, nasal and head congestion, ear fullness, dizziness, and post nasal drip significantly unbalances their quality of life.

The Balloon Sinuplasty procedure is done in four steps. First, the sinus guide catheter is introduced into the nasal cavity.  Secondly, a flexible lighted guide wire is placed into the sinus for access confirmation. Next, the balloon is advanced over the wire and inflated gently to widen the sinus opening. Finally, the sinus is irrigated and the devices are removed, leaving the sinus cleared of mucus and allowing the return of sinus drainage.  

Unlike traditional sinus surgery, Balloon Sinuplasty requires no cutting and no removal of bone and tissue. The devices are Food and Drug Administration approved and provide an alternative to traditional sinus surgery instrumentation. The use of sinus balloon catheters to open the ostia has been proven to be safe and effective and less invasive for the patient. The surgery takes around 40 minutes and patients are usually allowed to go home that day. To date, there have been 23,000 in-office procedures performed and over 300,000 procedures in the operating room with Balloon Sinuplasty.

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