Two Christie Clinic Physicians are Most Skilled on da Vinci Si HD Surgical System


Christie Clinic Obstetricians and Gynecologists, Michael Smith, MD, and Sarah Young, MD have recently been named Champaign’s only designated proctors on the da Vinci® SHDSurgical System. Dr. Smith is one of the most experienced surgeons with this technology within a 60 mile radius of Champaign.  As proctors, Dr. Smith and Dr. Young teach and assist their colleagues in this community, and others, on how to perform robotic gynecologic surgery utilizing the da Vinci® equipment.  Dr. Smith has been using the da Vinci Surgical System at Carle Foundation Hospital since 2008 and has performed more than 100 hysterectomies using the da Vinci. 

“The da Vinci technology is truly remarkable because it allows the physician such precise accuracy during procedures and allows us as surgeons to avoid a large abdominal incision in almost every case,” said Dr. Smith. “Once I became fully trained on the equipment, I wanted all patients to have the option of da Vinci® assisted hysterectomies because of the immense benefits it provides the patients.”

Dr. Keith Haug, Head of Christie Clinic’s Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology is also trained on da Vinci.  Physicians at Christie Clinic can utilize the daVinci robot at both Carle and Provena Covenant hospitals. Our physicians are willing to go to whichever location is best and most convenient for our patients.  

Da Vinci has several unique features designed to provide clinical benefits and efficiency in the operation room, many of which translate to patient benefits. 

Enhanced 3D, high-definition vision of operative field with up to 10x magnification

  • Superior visual clarity of tissue and anatomy
  • Surgical dexterity and precision far greater than even the human hand
  • Updated and simplified user interface to enhance OR efficiency
  • New ergonomic settings for greater surgeon comfort
  • Capability to allow any new technology to integrate with the system

These technological advancements paired with experienced surgeons, like Dr. Smith and Dr. Young, provide unparalleled precision, dexterity and control that enable a minimally invasive approach for many complex surgical procedures like hysterectomies.

“We believe that the use of the da Vinci Si HD Surgical System by Christie Clinic surgeons will help us provide the best possible outcomes to our patients.  This technology allows our surgeons greater vision, precision and control than compared to many other surgical options,” said Alan Gleghorn, Christie Clinic Chief Executive Officer. “Being trained on daVinci shows Dr. Smith and Dr. Young’s commitment to provide our community access to the latest advancements in minimally invasive surgery.”

For more information about Dr. Smith, Dr. Young, and other Christie Clinic medical providers trained on the da Vinci®Surgical System, click here.