Christie Clinic featured in the latest issue of Mayo Clinic Proceedings


Christie Clinic is featured in the latest issue of Mayo Clinic Proceedings as an example of an organization that’s doing healthcare right. The example is part of an article by Dr. John Toussaint at the ThedaCare Center for Healthcare Value, called The Promise of Lean in Healthcare.

The article highlights the importance of lean in healthcare, as well as the positive results achieved by leaders like Christie Clinic.

“It is an honor for Christie Clinic to be recognized for its involvement with implementing Lean in Healthcare. As an organization we take great pride in our team members’ daily willingness to generate and implement ideas to improve the service provided to our patients” said Jason Hirsbrunner, Director of Continuous Improvement. “Our team members have truly embraced the process of undergoing a cultural transformation.”

Christie Clinic is recognized for its success in the Otolaryngology department where the team has improved internal communication and teamwork as a result of daily huddling. Wait time for appointments has decreased, departmental capacity has improved and patient satisfaction has increased. The Leadership System at Christie Clinic is being deployed throughout, and successes such as these are prevalent across the organization.

“Our intent with this article is to bring lean thinking into the mainstream of physician activity,” Dr. Toussaint stated. “   Christie Clinic is a powerful example of that and of how lean can drive value in healthcare.”

Dr. Toussaint co-wrote the article with Dr. Leonard Berry from Texas A&M University. A year ago, Dr. Berry embedded himself in the ThedaCare system to gain a deeper understanding of the inner workings of a lean healthcare organization.

Based on that experience, Dr. Toussaint and Dr. Berry worked together to write The Promise of Lean in an effort to explain what lean means in healthcare. After starting with a basic definition, the article explores six core principles of the lean transformation: an attitude of continuous improvement, value creation, unity of purpose, respect of front-line workers, visual tracking and standard work.

ThedaCare Center for Healthcare Value

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