Olivia Martin, PT, DPT Receives LSVT BIG Certification


Christie Clinic is pleased to announce Olivia Martin, PT, DPT has received her LSVT BIG certification.

The LSVT BIG certification addresses the unique movement impairments for people who have Parkinson’s disease. The training is designed to improve amplitude and speed of limb and body movement, balance and quality of life in patients.

“I am excited to provide this specialized treatment to patients with Parkinson’s disease,” said Olivia Martin. “Patients who participate in this treatment program can expect to see faster walking with bigger steps, improved balance, increased trunk rotation and improvements in activities of daily living.”

The treatment sessions are administered for one-hour, four times a week, for one month.

To make an appointment, please call Christie Clinic’s Department of Physical Therapy at (217) 366-1323. To learn more about the Department of Physical Therapy, visit christieclinic.com.