Your New Year’s Regimen for Beautiful Skin


“If your New Year’s Resolution is beautiful skin, here is my basic skin care regimen to get you started on the right path!  A simple moisturizing and anti-aging regimen will enhance your skin’s natural beauty.


  1. Wash with a gentle cleanser, like Elta MD foaming face wash.
  2. Follow this with vitamins C and E. I like SkinMedica’s Vitamin C E Serum.
  3. Moisturize and follow with sunscreen. Or, to simplify, try a moisturizer with SPF like Elta MD’s UV Daily.


  1. Remove all makeup with your favorite makeup remover, or if your skin is more sensitive try micellar water.
  2. Wash with a gentle cleanser.
  3. Apply a retinoid. Ask your dermatologist about his or her favorite prescription retinoid or try an OTC retinol.
  4. Don’t forget your growth factors. I prefer the TNS Serum by SkinMedica.
  5. Lock in all that goodness with your favorite moisturizer.

If you have acne prone or sensitive skin, you can build on this basic regimen with products that will work for you. I look forward to seeing all of your beautiful faces in the new year!

-Christie Clinic Dermatologist, Kathryn Lane, MD