Love is in the Air... and Chocolate is on the Shelves!


February is full of love.... and tempting sweet treats! Here are 5 easy things to remember to keep you on track to achieve your weight loss goals: 

  1. Moderation is key! It's okay to enjoy a dessert, but limit yourself to one serving. 
  2. Be sure to eat a nutritious meal before you head to the store for shopping. Don't be tempted by those discounted chocolates after the holiday. 
  3. Have your favorite Ideal Protein snack handy for those weak moments when you are craving something sweet after dinner. 
  4. Keep sweets out of view! 
  5. Center your activities around your relationships, not food. Try making a home-cooked meal together, go for a walk, go bowling, or even dance together to your favorite song! 

For more information about the weight loss programs offered, visit the Christie Clinic Transformations Medical Weight Loss Program page