5 Important Questions to ask when choosing a cosmetic provider


As more and more cosmetic procedures are available it can become confusing to wade through all of the choices.  If you are considering a non invasive procedure such as Botox or Filler, make sure you ask your provider the following 5 questions to ensure you receive the best care.

  1. What type of filler do you offer and do you have hyaluronidase on hand? There are many types of fillers that can be injected to improve volume loss and wrinkling.  Some are permanent and some can be dissolved.  Products made from hyaluronic acid can be dissolved.  One of the complications of injectable fillers is pressure or occlusion of a blood vessel which prevents the skin from getting enough blood flow and can cause extensive scarring.  This is a rare complication but when it happens the immediate administration of hyaluronidase can prevent permanent scarring.   Fillers that are not made with hyaluronic acid cannot be dissolved with hyaluronidase, making complications from these types of fillers more difficult to treat.
  2. How are your products stored? Some products like Botox require refrigeration.   Products should be stored in alarmed, medical grade, temperature controlled refrigeration.  Transporting these products from a home fridge to different locations can affect their efficacy and safety if they experience multiple temperature changes.  Home refrigeration is may not keep products at the correct temperature.
  3. Do you have the ability to prescribe antibiotics or other medications in case of a complication? Any time a foreign product is introduced to the body there is a risk for infection.  Making sure clean/sterile precautions are taken is important including making sure your provider is wearing gloves and a mask as well as cleansing the skin before new products are introduced.   If the injector is not able to prescribe antibiotics you could end up in the emergency room trying to get treatment for an infection.
  4. Do you have anyone I can contact if I have an emergency in the middle of the night? Unfortunately, adverse outcomes can happen at all hours of the day.  Make sure that there is an on call number or person that can be contacted if you were to have a problem.
  5. What kind of training/supervision do you have? Non invasive cosmetic procedures can deliver big results with little down time, however, it is important not to forget that these are medical procedures that also convey risks and complications, which are rare when done in a medical facility by a knowledgeable provider.  Here at Christie Clinic we have cosmetically trained MDs and PAs on site every day ensuring you will receive the safest cosmetic care.