June is Acne Awareness Month


For most of my life, I have struggled with acne. From the awkward teenage acne, to more hormonal/adult type of acne, I have dealt with it all. For years, I tried using a diverse array of over-the-counter acne washes and topical treatments, to no avail. Having acne was something that really weighed down my self-confidence, as I am sure it does for many that suffer from it. Not only did I suffer from acne, but I ended up developing acne scarring along my cheeks as well, which also took a toll on my self-confidence.

In my mid 20’s I finally decided that I was tired of dealing with the acne, that would lead to more scarring, etc. So, I decided to see a Dermatologist to discuss potential treatment options for both my acne and scarring. I was sure there was nothing that would help me, but the providers here at Christie Clinic Dermatology, quickly reassured me that there were various treatment options and we would find the best one for my skin. So, I tried various topical and oral medications, until I found a treatment that controlled my acne.

Once my acne was controlled for quite some time, I was able to begin seeing Dermatology for the acne scarring. I have now been through a couple of acne scarring cosmetic treatments including; the pearl fractional laser and the secret RF laser, with PRP (protein rich plasma). With both of these treatments, I have seen significant improvement in my scarring and can say that seeing a Dermatologist changed my life. I now feel more comfortable in my skin and have adapted to a regular skin care regimen, that will continue to keep my acne under control and improve my skin as I continue to age.

If you struggle with acne and/or acne scarring, I urge you to make an appointment with a provider at Christie Clinic Dermatology. The providers within this department are personable and you can really tell they have a passion for Dermatology. They also allow you to be involved in your treatment plan, provide great education, and make sure you understand your concerns regarding your dermatological conditions are valid. Seeking help from a Dermatologist was one of the best decisions I have ever made to change my skin!

By:  Becca Q.