I'm a CoolSculpting Master at Christie Clinic Department of Dermatology. I began my CoolSculpting journey in 2017. Since then I have attended CoolSculpting University in both California and West Virginia, as well as the CoolSculpting Master’s Program in Austin, Texas. I have personally performed nearly 600 treatments as a CoolSculpting provider.

I would like to share my own experience with CoolSculpting from a patient perspective. As part of my initial training, I had two sessions completed on my lower abdomen. The applicator was placed on a section of my lower stomach using vacuum suction. Then the cooling was initiated. I could feel the treatment area becoming colder as time passed. After ten minutes, the area became what I would describe as “nearly numb”. I could tell it was cooling, but it was not uncomfortable by any means. I sat covered with a blanket for roughly 35 minutes and watched a show on Netflix. Once the treatment was done, my CoolSculpting rep began to massage the treatment area. This was slightly uncomfortable, but my discomfort was manageable. After two minutes, that treatment section was complete. We repeated the process on the other side of my abdomen and that was it!

My skin felt numb right away and the following day my stomach was mildly swollen and tender to the touch. I was still able to work a full day at work, walk my dogs and prepare dinner for my family as normal. Day by day, my symptoms lessened; and over the course of the next 2.5 weeks, all of my symptoms had subsided. We repeated the process one more time after eight weeks had passed and then we waited. My results were visible in four months. My lower abdomen has always been a troublesome area for me, despite diet and exercise, and I quickly noticed and continue to notice a more sculpted abdomen. I continue to stay active and have developed healthy eating choices to protect my investment.

What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is an FDA approved, fat freezing device and is the #1 fat reduction treatment available. It is non-invasive, requires no surgery, and has little to no downtime. CoolSculpting treats stubborn, hard to lose bulges of fat by cryolipolysis or the freezing of fat cells.

Is CoolSculpting right for me?

CoolSculpting is a treatment for reducing the appearance of fat on healthy, active adults. It is not used as a weight-loss treatment. If you are not sure if you are the right candidate, you can be evaluated by a CoolSculpting specialist during a scheduled consultation.

Are the results permanent?

CoolSculpting is a long-lasting fat reduction treatment. Once the fat cells are eliminated from the body, they are gone for good. Therefore, the procedure provides long term fat reduction as long as the patient remains a healthy weight.

Where do the fat cells go?

The fat cells are ultimately frozen causing cell death. The dead fat cells are then flushed out of our system through sweat and urination.

How long until I see results?

Results can be seen in as little as three weeks for some people, however, most people see results in 8-12 weeks.

How much does CoolSculpting cost?

CoolSculpting cost varies per patient so consultation is required to get your own tailored treatment plan. There are several ways to save money on sessions and Christie Clinic also accepts Care Credit if you prefer to make payments over time.