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At this time, Christie Clinic locations do not have the COVID-19 vaccination available for patients. Appointments are not being taken at this time by Christie Clinic for the COVID-19 vaccination. Please do not call your provider to request an appointment. For more information and to stay up-to-date on the COVID-19 phases in Champaign County, visit the Champaign-Urbana Public Health District COVID-19 page.

Christie Clinic Department of Clinical Research

Be part of the solution. Participate in a clinical research trial.

Our team of dedicated and professional physicians and nurses are passionate about research, education, new medications and clinical research outcomes.

A clinical trial is a research study intended to answer specific questions involving medications, medical devices or new ways of using known treatments. Participating in a clinical study offers patients new alternatives to standard therapy before it is available to the general public. Consult your physician for advice on weighing the benefits and risks of participation. For more information and to find out if you qualify for any of these studies, please contact Janet E. Iverson, CCRP, Senior Clinical Research Coordinator, at 217-366-8054.

Download information on a current Clinical Study Opportunity. 

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