Patient Guidelines for Laboratory Blood Draws

If you are having blood work that requires fasting, the results will be most accurate if these guidelines are followed:

  • For Lipid Profile, Cholesterol, Triglycerides, High Density Lipoprotein, fast for 14 hours prior to testing.
  • For all other fasting tests, fast for 10 hours prior to testing.

During the fasting period you may:

  • Drink water, but should have nothing else to eat or drink.
  • Continue to take your medications unless otherwise instructed.

Your lab orders will be sent electronically to the lab unless otherwise instructed. If you do not receive your test results within two weeks, please send your provider a message through the patient portal.

Outside Providers

Please click here for Christie Clinic Lab Requisition form. Please complete and fax to (217) 351-2940.