Christie Clinic Remodels Downtown Oncology Department


Christie Clinic is pleased to announce that the newly renovated Oncology Department, located on the fourth floor of Christie Clinic at 101. W University in Champaign is now open. The remodeled space offers a welcoming environment for patients and their families where they can find compassionate care from dedicated board certified oncologists working hand in hand with a team of nurses and medical assistants.

Patients can feel a sense of ease receiving treatments in twenty new chairs equipped with individual televisions and room for family members or friends to accompany them. Patients are provided attention and nurturing in one of the four new exam rooms or the private consultation room all designed to enhance the patient experience. An additional state of the art procedure room is located in the department as well.

Christie Clinic strives to provide the best patient experience for those seeking medical attention. In 2011 when plans for the remodeling began, a survey was offered to past, present and potential patients asking what they would like to see in the new Oncology space. All of the feedback was taken into consideration, and the organization was able to turn the patients’ vision into a reality. As a result of patients’ suggestions, brand new windows were installed along the west side of the building offering natural light and an uplifting and open atmosphere. Treatment stations are located directly next to the nurses’ station allowing for more prompt and attentive care, and a refreshment area is now available for family and visitors as well.