Christie Clinic Vein and Vascular Center Uses New FDA Approved Stent Graft


Christie Clinic announced today that it is the first outpatient clinic in the US to use the TriVascular Ovation iX™ Iliac Stent graft for patients with abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAA). Patients of the clinic can benefit from this minimally invasive treatment alternative to open surgery. Dr. Jennifer Ash, a vascular surgeon, is the first to utilize this innovative stent graft system in the United States. The rest of the country will not have access to this device until later this fall.

TriVascular Ovation iX™ Iliac Stent Grafts are engineered to promote patency, even in hostile iliac anatomy. Enhancements include an integrated 10-13F sheath designed to shorten procedure time and minimize vessel trauma. Expanded dimensions treat a broader range of iliac anatomies; limbs are available up to 28mm diameter and 160mm length. “These enhancements make the device easier to use and vastly expand the number of patients eligible for a less-invasive endovascular surgery,” said Dr. Ash. “The device is much more user-friendly and accurate in its implementation compared to older generation technology, offering patients a much shorter operative time and speedier recovery.”

The conventional approach of a stent graft involves entry through groin incisions to expose the femoral arteries and create a new path for blood flow, reducing pressure on the aneurysm and the risk of rupture. Trivascular’s Ovation Prime™ is the lowest profile, commercially available system and allows for percutaneous access, resulting in a faster patient recovery from the site wound, a potential decrease in length of stay and the ability to use regional or local anesthesia.

Known as the “silent killer,” abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAA) affect an estimated 1.2 million people in the United States. This condition creates a bulge that weakens the aorta. Early detection is key in preventing rupture or even death.

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