Christie Foundation donates $100,000 for Resource Room at New YMCA


Through a generous grant from the Christie Foundation, a room in the new YMCA will be dedicated to helping the public. The C. W. Christie Foundation Community Resource Room will be available for non-for profit service groups, support groups, and charities to use as both an informational hub and meeting space for interested persons to receive additional support from a variety of local resources. With over 130 service providers and charities in Champaign County, this Resource Room promises to be an additional avenue for assistance by providing face-to-face interactions.

“The Christie Foundation is excited to be a part of the new Champaign County YMCA and Larkin’s Place at the Y,” said Christie Foundation Director Gary Wackerlin. “Supporting the Resource Library, a safe place for families to find information on where they can go in the community for services to support both the family and family member who has a disability or other health related need, fits precisely with the mission of the Christie Foundation: making a real difference in our community through enhancing medical education. Additionally, we look forward to providing guidance in the planning and implementation of how this room will enhance medical knowledge in the community and be a safe environment that provides the necessary resources for everyone.”

"The ultimate vision for the space is for our local organizations to utilize the space and make it easier for the community to receive additional assistance for their special needs. And, that it will grow as a valuable resource for YMCA visitors."

The 700 square foot room will have space for groups to post their informational brochures, a soft sitting area, and a desk with a computer and printer. There will be a sign-up period for groups to schedule a weekly or monthly time slot when they will be available to answer questions, and an online calendar will be available so community members will be knowledgeable as to when a specific organization will be utilizing the room.

On January 31 from 8:30-9:30AM, the Foundation will host an informal overview presentation for interested community organizations to get valuable feedback from the attendees on how to develop and use the room.

The event will be held at Christie Clinic’s facility at 1801 Windsor, Champaign in the 2nd floor Education Room.