Christie Clinic’s Vein & Vascular Center Among Select Sites in US to Enroll in Global Clinical Trial for Innovative Treatment of Patients with Severe Peripheral Artery Disease


Christie Clinic’s Vein & Vascular Center is participating in the DETOUR II clinical trial, an international multicenter clinical trial designed to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of a new procedure to treat patients with clogged leg arteries caused by severe peripheral artery disease (PAD).

The DETOUR II trial will evaluate the safety and effectiveness of the DETOUR™ System, which received IDE approval from the FDA in November of 2017.  Developed by PQ Bypass, the system was designed to enable a percutaneous femoropopliteal bypass in patients with long blockages caused by PAD. This procedure is performed via a minimally-invasive endovascular approach, which creates a new pathway designed to re-direct oxygen-rich blood around the diseased part of the vessel, with the goal of improving blood flow to the lower leg and foot of the patient.

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