Gemba Visit To Be Held At Christie Clinic


Christie Clinic is privileged to host an upcoming visit (known as a Gemba) by the Healthcare Value Network on April 12. The HVN is a consortium of like-minded healthcare organizations from North America that come together to share and learn, while leveraging their unique perspectives to accomplish a shared goal of fundamentally improving healthcare delivery through lean thinking.

With the Healthcare Value Network Gemba, roughly 40 individuals from various organizations across North America will be visiting areas of Christie Clinic that have engaged their team members to improve their work in order to realize the Clinic’s vision of Creating a Healthy Community.

The Gemba will give the visitors an opportunity to fully understand the organization’s Leadership System by experiencing the environment co-created by the teams enabling greater impact for our patients. Guests will be able to see what the areas are doing well and how they embed daily problem solving, while observing the uniqueness of each department.

The goal of the visit is to allow Christie teams to pass on their knowledge and expertise to other healthcare organizations helping them learn and understand systematic cultural change.