Kristi Gresch Receives CAPP-Pelvic certification


Kristi Gresch, PT at Christie Clinic Physical Therapy has reached a milestone achievement! She recently completed her CAPP-Pelvic certification, which signifies her dedication to women’s health physical therapy. The CAPP is awarded to physical therapists who complete required education, training, and testing related to pelvic health dysfunction.

In order to obtain her certification, she was required to take 3 pelvic courses and pass oral and written exams. She also had to write a case reflection of a specific patient. Typically, these case studies take multiple reviews before the APTA will accept them and provide the certification to the PT. However, Kristi’s first draft was accepted, further verifying her competence and expertise in the area of pelvic dysfunction physical therapy.

Her years of study and work specific to women’s health has helped her to be successful with this endeavor. Women’s health issues she treats here at Christie Clinic include (but are not limited to) incontinence, pregnancy and post-partum related symptoms, and pelvic pain related to a variety of issues.

Kristi is known for treating and guiding patients through issues that can often times be embarrassing for patients to discuss with tact, professionalism, and compassion. We congratulate Kristi on this high achievement, and are proud to have her on the Christie Clinic Physical Therapy team.