Patient Portal Update


We are a couple weeks into Christie Clinic’s transition to the online medical records portal used by a large network of providers and hospitals, including Carle. We apologize for the lines and wait times some patients have experienced. To complete the transition, we have to bring all your health information together in one place. When you check-in, we are required to have you sign new privacy and notice forms, update your insurance information, input demographics, and our team members have to verify your records from previous systems to the new MyChristie. In the exam room, we also may need to verify family and medical histories. This is a one-time transition to help us complete the conversion to this sophisticated electronic medical record platform.

In the future, the patient portal will save you time at your provider’s office or on the phone, by letting you manage your health records, scheduling, and even conversations with your provider at your convenience from your computer or mobile device. We are excited about this new patient portal and appreciate your patience during our transition.

How can you help?
-Remember your ID and insurance card at your next appointment
-Please arrive early to your appointment to allow for registration
-Use the patient portal for refill requests and to schedule appointments

Visit the patient portal or register for your account