Creating a Lifestyle Change


At Christie Clinic Transformations Medical Weight Loss Program, we like to think of ourselves as lifestyle health coaches as opposed to weight loss coaches. Why? Because losing unwanted weight is just a part of the process when you change your lifestyle. Our program is designed to reinforce and establish healthy eating and lifestyle habits, as it follows the Ideal Protein protocol, which is built into 3 phases: Weight Loss, Stabilization, and Maintenance.

As we guide you through this transformational journey, we focus on weight loss, with you losing 5 lbs. under your goal, due to a 5 lb. gain you’ll experience in the Stabilization phase. In stabilizing your weight, we calculate your macro levels, customizing the amounts of whole protein, fats, and net grams of carbs your body needs to maintain your goal weight. In this second phase, we increase your net grams of carbs weekly to coincide with your 5 lb. weight gain. Once you gain 5 lbs. and hit your goal weight, we stop the net carb increases, giving you your magic macro numbers of protein, fats, and carbs going into the Maintenance phase.

In the Maintenance phase, you’ll utilize the new skills you’ve learned through the process to create healthier lifestyle choices. As a health coach, we’ll meet with you weekly to help you focus on the “why” behind your motive to make a lifestyle change. We’re here for you through this journey to help problem-solve your obstacles, along with celebrating the victories, no matter how big or small they may be.


Larry Williams, Health Coach, Christie Clinic Transformations Medical Weight Loss Program