Support Groups

Christie Clinic Breastfeeding Classes

During this class, participants will learn how to breastfeed their infants and review the physiology of milk production. Common problems that mothers may encounter during breast-feeding and strategies for resolving them will be discussed.

For our most updated list of classes, times and locations, visit our OB/GYN website here.

Childbirth Preparation

This class is designed for first-time mothers and their partner. Participants will learn how to help their labor be more efficient and less painful. Participants will also discuss the final months of pregnancy, the birth process and relaxation and breathing techniques in these classes.

We encourage you to bring a support person who can help you practice at home and eventually coach you during actual labor. Please bring several pillows and dress comfortably since you will be on the floor for much of the class.

For our most updated list of classes, times and locations, visit our OB/GYN website here.

**No class is too big or too small, come join us!!**

The Christie Clinic Breast Cancer Support Group

The Breast Cancer Support Group meets at 6:30 p.m. on the first Wednesday of every month, except for January and July. The meetings take place in the second floor meeting room at Christie Clinic on Windsor, 1801 West Windsor Road in Champaign. A notice is mailed each month prior to the event. This wellness-focused group is comprised of breast cancer survivors of all ages and experienced health care professionals. Our goal is to share ideas, provide support, answer questions, and offer solutions to problems for people who are coping with breast cancer. You may attend as often as you wish, and you can always bring along a family member or friend.

Additional information about the Breast Cancer Support Group is available by calling the Department of General Surgery at 217.366.1228.