The Christie Clinic OB/GYN team is looking forward to meeting you at your first visit. Whether you are coming to see us for a routine annual physical, as a referral for a consultation, or acute/problem based visit, we want you to know that we will do everything possible to make sure that your concerns are addressed and you leave feeling like your worries have been heard by your provider. We will provide a detailed plan with follow up recommendations after your visit.

You can anticipate for us to get a complete personal and family history so please be prepared to provide us with this information with as much accuracy as possible. If you are coming for a problem based visit, the following information can be helpful in the diagnosis and treatment of your concerns: onset, location, and duration; characteristics including frequency, accentuating and relieving factors, and treatments you have tried thus far.

If you have suggestions on ways that we can improve our practice or processes. Please provide this information to our staff as we strive for excellence.