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Patient Satisfaction

Our patient satisfaction surveys help us identify areas of improvement to work toward providing you with the best healthcare in the area. Patient satisfaction, along with increasing the quality of care delivered and reducing healthcare costs, are the three organizational objectives we focus on each and every day.

The data below shows how our provider and staff compare across all of the patient satisfaction survey questions during the last year and a half.

Overall score
1-. Using the scale of 5 to 1, how would you rate the clerk’s handling of your registration process?
2-. With five being excellent and one being poor how would you rate the overall cleanliness and comfort?
3-. How would you rate the length of time that you waited to be seen by the medical provider?
4-. How would you rate the overall friendliness and sensitivity of the nursing personnel?
5-. Please rate your experience with any special tests or treatments that were performed.
6-. How would you rate your medical provider’s personal manner?
7-. How would you rate your confidence in the diagnosis and medical care that you received?
8-. How would you rate how clearly your post treatment care instructions were explained to you?
9-. What is the likelihood of you returning for future treatment?
10-. How would you rate your overall satisfaction with your visit?

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