Aetna Medicare Advantage (PPO & HMO) Update


(UPDATE 04/20/2022) Over the past few weeks, Christie Clinic has worked hard to advocate for our patients’ coverage at Christie Clinic for Aetna Medicare Advantage PPO and HMO products. Continuity of care and coverage for our patients is deeply important to us. At this time, we believe Christie Clinic and Aetna have worked out an arrangement to keep all of the Christie Clinic providers and physicians in-network, aside from a very limited number of specialties. The network coverage for this narrow set of specialists (less than 30) continues to be evaluated. For those patients who received notices that their primary care doctor is out-of-network, Aetna should be mailing out updated notices reversing that position. Patients who receive primary care services will be able to see their providers without interruption. Physical therapists, audiologists, and ancillary services (i.e. imaging, lab, cardiac diagnostics) remain in-network for Aetna Medicare Advantage. Patients should contact Aetna directly for its official coverage position with respect to any provider.